Who We Are

PATH is a multi-racial, multi-faith, non-partisan residents’ organization, rooted in local congregations and organizations. Our dues-paying member institutions include over 20,000 Howard County residents, and represent the diversity, hope, and dreams of our community.

NOW, MORE THAN EVER, we affirm our shared vision. We will not be satisfied with easy fixes, discouraged by setbacks, or succumb to the political cynicism of our times.

PATH is an affiliate of the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation (Metro IAF), a network of 23 power organizations in the eastern half of the United States and Europe. Metro IAF affiliates are committed to leadership development, powerful public action, and active participation in democracy. We continue to work together on our highest values in the world.

What We Do

Metro IAF organizations bring the world as it is a little bit closer to the world as it should be, in concrete ways. We set daring goals and create bold strategies on the most important issues facing communities in Howard County and the nation. We challenge people to imagine change they can accomplish, and train public leaders to take specific and targeted action on a range of issues. We connect groups of organized people and organized money to expand our power and impact.

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